A Business Plan That Changed The Face Of Agriculture

That was the last of few acres of agricultural land in the rapidly concreting semi-urban locality and roads expanding into multiple lanes. The lifestyle of the local farmers was bound to change from land-loving routines to surviving instincts. The once-paddy fields were converted to vegetable gardens in a day or night. This led to legal scuffles with the governing bodies and paddy field protectors. It is a law and changing a law for a local region was out of the question. That was when the business angels landed there, a group of budding entrepreneurs who loved their nature, green locales,and agriculture.

The angels had some obstacles on the way to achieve their business dreams in agriculture:

  • Their company was set in the busiest metro city where concrete infrastructure gave no room for the plant world. A Bitcoin Code software was the ideal product in that facility.
  • As a startup, the funds were nowhere near the requirement to purchase or lease agricultural land.
  • Being family-oriented, traveling to far-off rural areas and continuously watch over the progress of innovative farming was impractical.
  • The bias that agriculture cannot save a startup from making the big draw and survive long-term, and thus lack of encouragement and resource support.

The most viable and practical business plan

The team was able to outrun all these by the innovative product planning and execution with the cooperation of the deserving section who were directly involved in the action. The company worked on developing biofertilizers, organic pesticides, insecticides,and improved seed varieties. The news of their out-of-box business idea was already finding takers.

These products were delivered to the farmers owning the dying pieces of agricultural land, completely free of cost for a single round. That was a do or die test for the start-up, but the confidence in their technical hand showed bright roads ahead. The proximity of the farming land, the urban facilities around and active community proved to be boons for both the sides, as they were receptive and creative.

Once the first harvest was done, the result was encouraging and productive. The crops were good in quality and profitable in yield for the farmers, because the trial was sponsored and they already had the machinery. The execution gave the startup the best launching report, for it gave the proof of how technology can save perishing, yet necessary traditional occupation with ample business opportunities.