Careers in Finance and Business

Careers in Finance and Business

The world of finance and business is vast and provides a whole lot of career opportunities. Let us see them in detail as listed below:

Financial planner:  Financial planners provide expert advice to their clients regarding best investment options.  They interact with the client and suggest the investment plan based on age, income, lifestyle, retirement etc. of the client.

Financial Analyst: Analysts do financial research on the financial data of business houses.  They analyze the performance.  They normally present their outputs to banks and financial institutions.  Their work is of prime importance to make critical decisions related to investment, merger, acquisitions etc.

Actuary:  A finance graduate with excellent mathematical skills can become an actuary.  Knowledge of actuaries is most sought after by Insurance companies in assessing losses, fixing premium rates etc.

Accountant: All business houses need accountants to maintain and present the accounts.  These are entry level jobs and have high growth prospects.  The accountant has a whole lot of responsibilities in the preparation and presentation of the financial statements in the format as required by law.

Credit Analyst: Credit analyst research on risk aspects involved while lending a project.

Finance managers:  Large business firms deal with huge transaction volumes.  The in-flow and expenditure have to be planned and managed properly.  This involves skill to manage a team of accountants.  The financial manager must deal with various stakeholders like bankers, investors etc.

Banker:  Banking and finance are used as synonyms.  Good accounting skills are needed to deal with deposits, loans etc.  Also, good communication skills are required to handle the customers.

Share trader:  Share trading can be done online.  It requires a good knowledge of the market to analyze the trends and performances of various companies whose shares are dealt with.

Apart from all the above cryptocurrency and forex trading is the latest source of earning a good income.  One who takes up forex trading as a career can very well use software like Qprofit system and easily trade and earn good money.  Most of these apps have data security features and inbuilt automatic trading bots.  Hence one need not devote full time in trading.  Few apps allow the user to fix limits within which trading can be done.  This risk is eliminated.  There is no doubt that cryptocurrency and forex trading will also emerge as an equally successful career option.  When cryptocurrency becomes widely accepted, this will become a sought-after career option.