Eat to the Beat: Barbra Streisand’s Marshmallow-Coffee Ice Cream

Barbra Streisand, still the best selling female recording artist in history (I know!), is releasing a new album this September 16th – her first in over a decade. Partners (Columbia Records) is a collection of duets – with male vocalist greats like Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, John Legend and Michael Bublé; she even does Love Me Tender with Elvis Presley.

Babs Collage

This imminent release reminded me of a coffee and marshmallow ice cream recipe of Barbra’s I came across in Singers & Swingers in the Kitchen, a 1967 cookbook with recipes contributed by musicians including the Rolling Stones and Simon & Garfunkel. And because it’s almost the end of summer, which means the end of ice cream season, I decided to make a batch. (Just in time to see an unprecedented dump of snow fall on the city a week into September.)

Hers is a creamy coffee ice cream, made (brilliantly!) with melted marshmallows – a method I’d never dream up that produces an irresistibly smooth, creamy ice cream. You melt marshmallows with milk, cool it down (not too much, it turns out, or the gelatin in the marshmallows will make it solidify again – I had to re-melt it) and then fold it into whipped cream before pouring into an ice cream machine. She adds a spoonful of instant coffee or espresso, which is fabulous, but I imagine other flavourings (vanilla! strawberry! roasted plum!) would work just as well with that sweet, creamy base. (She also has you freeze it in ice cube trays, but using an ice cream machine breaks up any ice crystals as it churns, making it perfectly smooth and creamy.)

It is all about the right combination of ingredients that brings about the perfect result. Whether in an ice-cream or in a software program. Every part of the recipe has to be proportionate and fall into place to make it complete. The perfect ones garner more support and become more popular as well. If you are interested in reading about one such trading program then Read more at this website.

She had another ace up her sleeve

Barbra ice cream 2

As if there weren’t already enough reasons to adore Barbra, she likes hers served with salty pretzel stickss. We didn’t have any, so I added a handful of salted caramel popcorn, which delivered a similar sweet-salty crunch – and looks pretty, too.

Watch for the album – and listen for her on Q with Jian Ghomeshi – next week.

Barbra ice cream 1