Here is how I decided to live life on my own terms and boy, am I not happy!

Here is how I decided to live life on my own terms and boy, am I not happy!


I started out with a basic in humanities and when I was through the course, I had no idea where I was going. I was a good student but directionless. I could have tried my hand at a job but the mundanity hit me hard. I did not want to mechanically live my life in the bracket of nine am to five pm. I wanted to just a lot in that much time then warm the office chair. I wanted to be able to freelance and on my own terms; travel around the world without caring a damn about deadlines et al!

Of course, for all this, I would need the kind of money to fund a lifestyle like that for me!

I was in a fix. I knew I had to think out of the box. I knew that there was a way out from the monotonous work and the dreary life that everyone else around me was living and worst of all pretending to like it. It was no consolation that they were bringing in bigger packages but weren’t they losing their life; the only one life that they have? We all have?!!

Carpe Diem!

Yes my friends, Carpe Diem! I know that there is only one life that we all live and that we must strive to live it to the fullest. I did not want to waste my time doing accounts on the desk and then come out with a fat pension check at the end of my career. I decided to take the plunge into online trading in binary options. it was something that was on my mind for a very long time and I thought that if I had to take a risk then the time was now. I didn’t want to regret it later in my death bed you see!

I ran through an internet search to find out the best trading platform for me:

Where else other than the source to do the searching? So, I read extensively and I came to the conclusion that QProfit Systems was the best software for me. It not only sounded the most genuine out of the lot that was in my list but it fit my bill of requirements like a peg sits in its hole!

It is been two years since I trade online and believe me I have never ever had money problems. I have never been broke yet and I have traveled half of the world! How good is that, eh?!!