How can you deal with family finances after a sudden death?

How can you deal with family finances after a sudden death?

Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain two celebrities who had it all gave up their lives so suddenly for reasons unknown yet. Their contribution to the field of fashion and gourmet cooking can never be overlooked. While there is a growing concern for the mental health of such celebrities and the stress they experience, we plan to focus on the financial aspect of such tragic happenings in any family or establishment. Often sudden deaths leave the finances in disarray and people are not sure of how to proceed.


How to handle finances after a sudden death

  • First and foremost, you must ensure that all the important documents are in a secure place which includes the wallet and the phone. Seek the help of an expert to execute the will if any will has already been It is important to set the finances right to handle the immediate expense of funeral arrangement and the like.
  • Do not take any major financial decision for the first year. Sudden deaths can be devastating for the family especially for the spouse and the children and it is not possible to think straight in those troubled times. Hence, wait for the pain to settle down before taking any major decision. Ideally, seek the help of financial advisors and weigh the pros and cons of a decision before proceeding.
  • Find out the terms and conditions of a credit Usually, with the death of a credit card holder, the card automatically ceases to exist. If there are any payments linked to the card, you must make alternate arrangements. Do not use the card of the deceased because that is fraud.


What should everyone do?

  • Put together a will and designate the power of attorney and other details of all finances. It is not enough to draw a will you must periodically revise it whenever there are any major changes in the family like marriage or birth of a child. This will also ensure that your will is in tune with the latest changes in the law.
  • Often the family of the deceased are unaware of where all the assets are; this lack of information leads to a messy affair once the concerned person is no more. It is important that everyone has one person who is aware of all the assets, liabilities, codes and information of attorneys and CPAs.


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