Importance Of Decision Making In Management

Decision making is an essential part of our lives. For many of us, the very first decision we make each day is, whether to get up or to hit the snooze button. Every day we make hundreds of decisions and each one have a dramatic impact on the outcome, cost, relationship and time. Hence, it isextremely important to give top priority to decision making to attain the culture of clarity and to earn a good name and fame. In an enterprise, the manager holds the responsibility for making decisions and ascertaining that the decisions made are accomplished in accordance with theorganizational goals.Decision making is crucial in each level of management.

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Effective utilization of resources:

Decision making is imperative for the better utilization of the available resources for achieving the organizational goals.A lack of clarity would lead to a convoluted path to the desired outcome or even a disappointing outcome. An efficient manager should step logically through a proven process, be aware of the unoccupied resources and put them at the right place, which could also save a lot of time of them.

Strong commitment:

The dedication and commitment of the employees are vital for carrying out the tasks better. When the employees trust that thedecisions are made using a logical and fair process,with their interests represented, they tend to show more commitment towards the work, which in turn increases productivity. Muddled decisions can only create skeptics and not dedicated employees.

Minimizes mistakes:

Messy decision processes can create plenty of room for chaos and errors. Wrong decisions often lead to undesirable ends, which in turn leads to re-decision the next day. A right decision made from deeper insights and logic avoids nasty mistakes.

Fosters respect:

Every single employee wants a strong leader whom they can followand a leader should be capable of inspiring the employees.One of the best ways to impress the employees is to show them how comfortable and efficient you are with making decisions.

Prevents conflicts:

If the manager is not assertive and leaves too many decisions at the employee’s doorsteps, it can create conflicts in the workplace. It is the responsibility of the manager to figure out which idea is better for the organization, to make the right decisions and to direct the employees in the right way.