What we started with and the additions

Our Company


We had set up this company five years ago with the aim of bringing Forex market deeper into the common society. Trade market was a monopoly of big guns and experienced traders and when a newcomer wanted to try his luck at the lucrative financial activity, he had to literally graduate in Forex trading and then gain enough experience and mental strength to play the market game. Backed up by sufficient promotion and word of mouth publicity, our technically perfect automatic trading robot has been successful in its mission to a great extent. Every effort was made to give its users all the reasons to continue with its service and also their winning stories in the trading business, matching with the HBSiwss users.


What we started with and the additions


We started with single trading software which combined the accuracy of five market indicators, statistical market analysis, and trend history. The algorithm allowed the users to trade in one market to start with and we were quick enough to add other markets as well in the same profile. The number of customers quickly grew from hundreds to thousands and millions.

Our portfolio of trading products now covers all aspects of trading algorithms. We have special platforms for trading in:

  • Currencies: Majors and commodity pairs
  • Exotic options
  • Binary trading
  • Hedge funds
  • Stocks and mutual funds
  • Futures trading
  • Bitcoins
  • Cryptocurrencies



Along with trading robots, we have separate programs for traders. Each program is meant for traders at different levels, but all are flexible and can be interchanged at any point in time. There are three levels of training programs, namely:

Beginner’s market guide: For all those kids in the trading market, for whom trade market looks like a completely new world, this program introduces and takes them through the trading environment as a smooth ride. Five modules and five weeks, the result is a confident trader who can either chose to start their job or enroll for further grooming sessions.

Independent trader’s guide: For the jack of traders, those who know the bits and pieces of the trade market can further polish their knowledge and speculative strength by taking the help of this program.

Expert trader’s finishing assistant: Now, this program is for those trained trade who wish to go that extra mile to reap maximum profits from the market and continue their golden run as long as possible.