What is a trading robot and who should get its help

Finding The Guide To The Basics Of Forex Trading For Beginners


What is the first term which comes to the mind of most of us when we hear about stock market trading? Obviously, a risky business and we will hesitate to burn our hands in this speculative financial activity. Most of us can be synonymously associated with the term risky. Not all the assets which are traded in the market lead to a ‘one or none’ result. There are certain assets like the binary trading options that can be guaranteed at least for the deposit money.

Before you start the supposedly risky venture, prepare for these situations:

  • Be confident about your decisions but becoming over-confident can lead to wrong, random decisions and loss. You should be open to learning from the mistakes.
  • Be brave to face losses and do not lose focus when you win multiple times successively.
  • Have an alternative income source for sustaining your expenses in a normal mode. Do not completely depend on the trade market for your complete livelihood.
  • Legal and regulatory awareness from your side will benefit you more rather than depending solely on your broker for this.
  • . Invest wisely based on your financial goals. Some assets are good for short-term profits while some for long-term of retirement benefits.
  • If you have zero knowledge about the concepts, terms, bids, and pay-offs in trading, you can avail the help of retail brokers and trading robots which earn profits for strangers in the field. Most of the good retail brokers have training materials in their package and even demo account for beginners.
  • Carry out a thorough research on different trading platforms available online. Their official website such as the HB Swiss official website as an example will give you an overall idea of how user-friendly the robot may be and which are its strong features such as leverage, pay-out, indicators, Return on Investment (ROI) etc.


What is a trading robot and who should get its help

A trading robot or simply trading platform is a specifically written software program which takes its principle of operation from various market indicators, mathematical models, and statistics and combines them with market analysis, trader preference and financial fluctuations. The robot performs the execution of trade for its client in three modes such as:

  1. Entry rules: signal to initiate the buying or selling transaction
  2. Exit rules: signal to close the bid or transaction
  3. Position sizing rules: decide on the size of the assets in a trade